Coronavirus Prevention Tips- Home Remedies you can do to Prevent COVID-19

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

As if the panic and fake news regarding the COVID-19 novel coronavirus is not enough, there has been a sharp spike in the number of reported cases and deaths due to it all across the world. Even in India, the number of cases have crossed the century mark, and has started claiming lives. We are now getting to see the postponing of everyday activities, even in India. While everyday precautions are definitely necessary, there are a lot of things which you can do other than self-isolation, such as using alcohol hand sanitizers. As far as some ‘desi’ coronavirus prevention tips go, here are some of the best thing you could do to prevent coronavirus from spreading-

Yoga a Key to Healthy Immune System-

Though there is no direct established correlation between yoga and prevention of coronavirus, it has been recommended by Harvard Medical Review(and Baba Ramdev) that yoga is an extremely effective way to tackle any stress and panic that is related to this China-originated virus. According to the Harvard Medical Review, “aasanas, dhyana and pranayam can go a long way in mitigating isolation anxiety.” So even if you are not into yoga, doing it for the time being won’t be a bad idea.

Turmeric Touted as an Effective Measure-

As far as the coronavirus prevention tips go, many experts are saying that turmeric might be an effective way to keep coronavirus at bay. How? Well, turmeric as a spice is known to benefit the lungs, and is also known to reduce lung inflammation down in case of a lung infection. Some experts are even claiming that turmeric will help even in the situation of being infected by coronavirus. A glass of hot turmeric milk at night isn’t bad.

Neem, a Natural Disinfectant-

Neem is a very common tree that is found in most South Asian countries. Since medieval times, neem has been used by many people. It has a lot of medicinal qualities. In the Indian subcontinent, it is really popular as a natural disinfectant. A pro coronavirus prevention tip would be to boil neem leaves for 10 minutes and use that water for cleaning. All you need to do is dip your hands into that water so that you can clean your hand. Not only that, you can also clean your face with this water and disinfect yourself properly. Though if you have access to a soap, that is what we recommend.

Garlic May Have Some Anti-Viral Properties-

garlic and coronavirus

A very popular coronavirus prevention tip that is doing rounds is that eating garlic might prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Though there is no proven study that says this, the WHO believes that there might be something of substance in this so called myth. Well, it is not something that would hurt you or anyone else if you eat some extra garlic. In fact, it just might make your food taste better! The fact that garlic has time and again been used in India as a home remedy against the common cold just makes this garlic thing more interesting.

Basil Leaves Can Help Your Mouth and Stomach-

Basil is a very holy plant for Hindus. It is a medicinal herb and is used in different Indian home remedies. Though it has not been recommended anywhere that basil in any way is effective as a coronavirus prevention tip or a home remedy, it might not be a bad idea to start using some raw basal. But remember, do not chew the basil leaves. Just swallow them. Basil contains a little bit of mercury, which if chewed harms your body. Just swallow two leaves a day and go by your day.

Even though these home remedies seem effective, none have been scientifically recommended by some medical institute. We have put them together because they’re easy to do and doing them would not harm you in any way. The best thing to do in these tough times is to keep your calm and socially isolate yourself. Spend some quality time at home with your families and be safe.

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