Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, Ventilator Inventor Makes his Design Open to The World


In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the world is at a standstill. Things are looking grim at the moment as even the most developed of countries such as the USA, UK, Spain and Italy have been unable to handle the pressure on their healthcare systems. Everyday as new cases of the COVID-19 pop up in the thousands, it seems as if there is no end to this coronavirus outbreak at all.

But in the middle of this global crisis, we have also seen some amazing heroic stories too. Every part of the globe can be seen having his own heroes in doctors, rescuers, the police, health workers, volunteers, etc. But one man that has stood out the most in these tough time is probably John Strupat. John is the inventor of a low cost ventilator and lives in London, Ontario in Canada. He is a retired respiratory therapist. After seeing how his own country Canada and the rest of the world is suffering from a shortage of ventilators in the middle of a never seen before coronavirus outbreak that has taken everyone by storm, he decided to make his pandemic ventilator design public. It is freely available to anyone and everyone via this website.

In these tough times, such a benevolent deed seems too good to be true. Only recently the US President Donald Trump was seen furiously tweeting about how he wants General Motors and Ford, two of the biggest automobile giants of the world to start their closed factories to manufacture more ventilators.  

Tough Times for Health Workers due to Coronavirus Outbreak

John Strupat, since gaining limelight for his good deed has been busy. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, John has been constantly in touch with a lot of health workers from all across Canada and North America. He says that the whole epidemic is something that he or any other experienced health worker has never seen before.

He has also been informed about the constant stress that the healthcare systems of the world are friendly under. Some say that it could become something which the world has never seen before in modern times.

You can imagine the decisions they’re going to have to make soon, if there is more people than equipment,” he said. “I certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.” He also says that most of the workers will definitely be having PTSD from all this work.

Open Source Ventilator Design Free for Anyone From Anywhere in the World

While it was the shortage of ventilators in Canada in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak that made him do such a noble deed, John has actually done something for not just Canada but the whole world. His design is not a standard one that hospitals all over the world, but a cheaper one which he designed for pandemics like these. It runs on both electricity and battery, and can last about 3 to 4 hours when run on batteries. Anyone is welcome to get the design for themselves. Even though some nations might be somewhat adamant towards his deign considering it isn’t as big an epidemic, this ventilator can be used useful in remote areas of the world where health facilities are scarce. Coronavirus outbreak or not, what John has done for the world is something quite big. It might be a game changer in saving the lives of a lot of sick people.

pandemic ventilator prototype
John Strupat’s pandemic ventilator (left) in action on his front porch. The device is connected to an artificial lung (right) to demonstrate its ability to breathe for someone incapable of breathing on their own. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

John also hopes that someone can improve his design while also expecting feedback from doctors. This way the whole machine will improve, saving even more lives in turn.

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