The Beatles Never Broke Up


The title ain’t misleading guys, it is very true to its meaning. What if I tell you that The Beatles never really broke up? Would you believe me? I guess not. But would you believe me if I share with you the songs that they recorded that you haven’t heard? Would you believe me then? I guess yeah you will. Today I will share with you a story which might make you believe in the concept of parallel universes and time travelling. The story of The Beatles, which according to this guy is true……

A Californian guy, who was driving back from a friend’s home had this strange experience. He had his dog with him and on that particular day, he decided to take a different route for no particular reason. Little did Kim(he kept his name anonymous, you’ll know why soon, we will call him Kim) know this decision will completely change his life. The read was from a canyon. A little inside the road at the canyon, his dog started acting like it wanted to pee. But as he stopped the car, his dog started running and was barking at something a few yards away. It looked like it was chasing something and it kept running. Kim couldn’t match the dog’s pace and soon he put his leg in a rabbit hole and knocked himself out unconscious.

When Kim woke up, he was in a room, where he saw a weird machine. As he got up to go towards the window his dog came in with a guy named Jonas. After the courtesies were done, Kim asked him where he was. Jonas said it was 20 feet away from where he found him. Kim said it impossible as there were no houses in 20 feet of that place. This is where the story took a shocking turn.

Jonas looked at the machine and told Kim that he had transported him back to his own Earth, a parallel Earth, to be exact, with the help of this machine. In Jonas’ universe this machine could be purchased. While popular, this machine isn’t cheap and is dangerous enough to cause death. He told him that there are infinite universes to explore but only a few have been explored till now.

Kim and Jonas talked about a lot of things like technology, culture, food, TV and a lot more. The Beatles’ name was sure to come up when the discussion about music was going on, and Jonas mentioned that his brother just came from a concert of the Beatles recently. Kim then told him that they broke up in his world and that 2 members of the band were now dead.

Some albums of the band that Jonas had were the same but others were different and were recorded on a cassette. As Jonas was about to play one tape, Kim asked him to record him one tape too. But Jonas’ reply scared Kim because of which he decided to stay anonymous. Kim was not to take anything, absolutely anything from there.

As the hour passed, the doorbell rang and Jonas went to answer the door. That is when Kim grabbed the cassette of the album that was never recorded on our earth and put in inside his pocket. When Jonas came in Kim said that he  was hungry and that is when they left the room to eat. The taste of the food was the same but the colors and the names of the brands were different. Purple ketchup is one of the few different things that Kim ate. After a while Kim asked to go home as it was getting late(the time in all worlds work the same way apparently). As he and his dog stepped into the portal, they felt like they were getting wet. His dog even shook itself like it does when it gets wet.

This is how Kim got hold of the unreleased album, Everyday Chemistry and this is how The Beatles never broke up.

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