Kalki Temple: The Healing Ashwa’s legend


Near the grand palace of the Lord of Jaipur, Shri Govindevji, lies another temple, albeit an unknown one. The temple though was established even before the city itself, but it somehow got lost between the beautiful architectural paradise that the old Pink city of Jaipur is. The mysterious temple is of the tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Kalki, which is yet to be born.

The Legend of Lord Kalki

The legendary, yet to be born Kalki will appear at the end of the ‘Kalyug’ and will supposedly end all the darkness and evil taking place in this time. Sitting upon his ‘Ashwa'(horse) and wielding his fiery sword, he will end all the ‘Adharma’ and take us back to the ‘Satyug’, a time where truth is supreme.

The Location and Legend of the Temple

The city of Jaipur boasts of a lot of temples, because of which it is also known as ‘Chota Kashi’. But the archaic temple of Kalki cannot be found on any tourist map of the city, which is mainly down to its location. As beautiful as the walled city of Jaipur is, it is not the most comfortable place to live. The houses there are closely packed, and with time, the population explosion and an increase in vehicles has increased air and noise pollution, yet again reducing the level of comfort.
The temple of Kalki also has a lot of closely packed houses surrounding itself, which hides it quite well from the general public. I’m quite sure that many devout temple goers in Jaipur have no idea about this temple.

Even though the street outside the temple was jam packed, the temple stairway was quite empty, and at that time, strangely peaceful. It was a beautiful stairway whose structure clearly indicated how old the temple must be.
When I entered the temple premises, it was expectedly empty. There was not a single devotee, only the kids of pujari who were playing ‘sitolia’. As soon as i entered, the pujari ushered outside and greeted me and my family, and told us a little about the temple. While we talked, one of his sons opened the ‘pat'(a curtain), behind which Lord Kalki was resting.
To experience the divine sight of our saviour Lord Kalki is something which is quite difficult to define in words. As a believer in God and in the teachings of Sanatan Dharma, I went there with no expectation and with only ‘bhakti in my heart.

Lord Kalki’s big eyes and his personality was different from Lord Vishnu’s previous incarnations of ‘Maryada Purushottam’ Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. Both Lord Krishna and Lord Ram seemed fatherly figures-calm, composed and relaxing, but Kalki, he was a warrior. Lord Kalki’s big eyes suddenly made you self aware, and his posture made you realize that indeed, the Lord is powerful and he will save us from all our grief and trouble. You had to bow down to that supreme and divine force of energy which was being radiated from the temple. You could feel the warrior like force of Lord Kalki in there.

But it is a well known fact that Lord Kalki has his ‘Ashwa'(horse in sanskrit) with him, and that was missing, so we asked the pujari of the temple. He took us outside to higher ground where there was a platform which had a window like structure. Inside that structure there was a life size deity of the sacred Ashwa of Lord Kalki.


The Mysterious Horse

The Ashwa has an interesting background. After we paid our respects to the Ashwa, the pujari told us that on his ‘khur'(hoof) of his right hind leg, we will see a scar. There indeed was one.

The pujari told us that the holy Ashwa has had this scar since time eternity, and as years pass by, this scar heals itself. When this scar completely heals itself, the Ashwa will leave its resting place and go straight to Lord Kalki, who is sitting inside the temple, waiting. At that time, Lord Kalki will wield his fiery sword and mount his Ashwa to rid the Earth of all the darkness and evil and again bring the age of truth, the ‘Satyug’. It was a fascinating experience, the visit to the temple of the ‘Kal of Adharma’.

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