5 Dogs that are originally from India


Dogs are maybe the most loyal creatures that God ever created. They aren’t called a man’s best friend for nothing. A human might break your trust, but not a dog. Emotional stuff, never mind.

Most Indians seem to prefer dog breeds that are originally not from India. Labradors, German Shepherds, Saint Bernards and Boxers are all fine breeds but nobody even talks about the breeds that are originally from India. These breeds can adapt to the temperature conditions better than the foreign breeds and most importantly, they are so cool! Let us have a look at 5 such breeds-

5. Rampur Hound

This greyhound breed gets its name from the place of its origin, Rampur. This breed was developed by the king of Rampur. He bred the Afghan mountain dogs, which were ferocious hunting dogs with the more obedient English Greyhound. The Afghan part made the dog climate resistant and strong while the English greyhound part made it more obedient. These days this breed of dog is mostly used by villagers for hunting of wild animals and to get rid of pests. The popularity of this breed of dog is constantly decreasing. This dog is perfect for the ones who need a strong dog to guard their place. This dog is very obedient and will surely adjust to any climate in northern parts of India.

4. Gaddi Kutta

This breed of dog, which is mainly found in the northern parts of India can be called the Tibetan Mastiff of India. This dog is big and it mainly lives in the hilly regions of northern India. Originally, the Gaddi kutta was bred as a hunting dog but now a days it is mostly used as a shepherd dog by the shepherds of the Gaddi tribe, from whom the Gaddi kutta derives its name. This breed is in many ways way better than the Tibetan mastiff and it is perfect for the people who live in rocky terrains and cold weather. This dog is said to be as strong as a tiger and is considered really loyal. Even I want this dog for me!

3. Bully Kutta

One of my dad’s friend has this breed and let me tell you, this dog will protect his master at any cost. It is the best guard dog ever. All the dogs are generally scared of it. This dog is native to Punjab. Before, this dog was also used in dog fighting in Pakistan, which has now been banned. Also, it was used to guard flocks of sheep before. This dog packs a punch with its great stamina, fearlessness and its loyal nature. If you’re a fan of ferocious dogs that really protects his master, instead of a rottweiler I will surely recommend you this dog. Do believe me, I have seen one for myself.

2. Jonangi

This breed, which was once almost extinct is now in its revival phase and is back on track. Mostly found in Andhra Pradesh, this dog is now being used by private bird breeders to protect their birds from predators. This dog was historically used to herd flocks of ducks but they were considered worthless by humans when those duck farmers turned to agriculture, which was more profitable than duck farming. This breed of dog was then considered a pest and they were killed in abundance by the farmers, bringing this breed to near extinction. This dog is a perfect sized family dog and it can easily survive in most climates.

1. Mahratta Greyhound

This dog is one heck of a beauty. It is quite surprising for me that it is not that well known outside of Maharashtra, its state of origin. Since old times, people have used this dog mostly as a hunting dog, and the Mahratta Greyhound is really good at it, with an amazing eyesight, sleek built and an athletic body. This dog is smaller in comparison to other breeds of Indian dogs but it is also one of the most beautiful Indian dog breeds. This dog is really good for those who want to showcase their dog in dog shows. It is also a rare breed. As much as you guys want a show dog, I think this is the dog that you fellas need!

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